Email Marketing

Don’t lose any more of your valuable time with setup and customization.

Solutions Digitally provides you Email Marketing and Automation services for building relationships, accelerating your business and raising the bar.

What Email Marketing services we offer:

Email Automation

Email Templates

Dynamic Email Marketing

Designing Images

Generating Leads

How it Works

We do have Team of Content Writer, Designer and editor’s wo create the script for your email who helps in targeting and conveying the right message graphically and though content to customers to retain them and generating leads.

For a Huge Number of Potential Customers, A/B testing is conducted by using different email templates and Call to actions.

Types of Email Campaigns we Design

Automated Email Messaging

We do sync your customers in specific lists accordingly and do convey messages based on their needs and requirements. Automated Welcome messages and Thankyou notes. Special Occasion messaged and promotions.

Targeted Campaign

Solutions Digitally will create email content to be sent to a specified database of recipients, ensuring each email features links to dedicated landing pages customized with conversion in mind. By incorporating editorial and user experience design best practices, including engaging subject lines, rich media inclusion in the body of the email and expert call-to-action design and placement, you can increase your open, click-through and download rates.

Email Outreach

Beyond downloadable assets, drip campaigns can be used for everything from new email subscriber onboarding to general brand awareness efforts, creating a series of digital touchpoints that will automatically be sent out to specified prospects on a routine basis. Using email automation software, solutions Digitally is capable of crafting custom email drip campaigns that deliver relevant, targeted content marketing to keep prospective customers interested in your brand offerings, all designed to avoid overwhelming recipients with haphazardly planned, irrelevant follow-up emails.

Customized List Segmentation

Dividing your email data base into segments accordingly by countries, states, interest and gender. We do thorough research and create segments of customers which can be targeted easily using email designs for each accordingly.